How and why economics is taking over sports

If you look closely at your favourite sport nowadays, it’s hard to miss the influence of economics. It’s evident from the way players are drafted or how much they are paid, through to individual coaching decisions, and even strategic shifts across entire leagues. This has been particularly driven by the rise of game theory in economics. Game theory uses mathematical models […]

Winning in the Business of Sports

The market for sporting events is worth $80 billion in 2014—with impressive growth projected for the foreseeable future. For a content industry wracked with uncertainty, sports is a beacon of hope. By the time the 2014 FIFA World Cup ended, 3 million people had gone through the turnstiles at 12 Brazilian stadiums, paying in some […]

PPH software in sports

How are bookies using Pay-Per-Head software’s to run their business? For those basketball fans and clients, the benefits which a Basketball Pay-Per-Head software usually brings will amaze you every time. You owe your time here, which means you don’t need to go to see a live basketball match just to place a bet. Anywhere, anytime […]